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PARTNER Plus Communications System Release 3.1 Programming and Use


Copyright © 1993 AT&T All Rights Reserved Printed in U.S.A. Notice

AT&T 518-455-217 Issue 1 October 1993

Every effort was made to ensure that the information in this book was complete and accurate at the time of printing. However, information is subject to change.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)Interference Notice
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits of a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC rules. For additional FCC information, see Appendix C of this book.

Canadian Emissions Requirements
This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class A limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus set out in the Radio Interference Regulationsof the Canadian Department of Communications (DOC). For additional DOC information, see Appendix C of this book. Le present appareil numerique n’emet pas de bruits radioelectriques depassant les limites applicable aux appareils numeriques de la classe A prescrites dans le Reglement sur le brouillage radioelectrique edicte par le ministere des Communications du Canada. Vous trouverez desrenseignements complémitaires à la annexe C de ce manuel.

As a customer of new telecommunications equipment, you should be aware of the significant and growing problem of theft of long distance services by third parties, known commonly as “toll fraud.” It is particularly important that you understand and take appropriate steps to deal with this crime because under applicable tariffs, you willbe responsible for payment of associated toll charges. AT&T cannot be responsible for such charges and will not make any allowance or give any credit resulting from toll fraud. Toll fraud can occur despite the preventive efforts of network providers and equipment manufacturers. Toll fraud is a potential risk for every customer with telecommunications equipment having one or more of the followingfeatures: (1) remote access, (2) automated attendant, (3) voice mail, (4) remote administration and maintenance, and (5) call forwarding (remote). This is not a product or design defect, but a risk associated with equipment having one or more of the features described above. If your new telecommunications equipment possesses any of these features, please consult the relevant portion of yourdocumentation for further details and specific procedures to reduce the risk of toll fraud or contact your AT&T dealer for further details.

Call Assistant, PARTNER MAIL, PARTNER MAIL VS, and PassageWay are trademarks of AT&T. Magic on Hold, MERLIN, MLS-34D, MLS-18D, MLS-12D, MLS-12, MLS-6, PagePac, PARTNER, and SYSTIMAX are registered trademarks of AT&T. Microsoft is a registered trademarkand Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

AT&T provides a limited warranty to this product. Refer to “AT&T Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability” in Appendix B of this book.

Ordering Information
The order number for this book is 518-455-217. To order additional books, call 1 800 432-6600 in the continental U.S. and 1 800 255-1242 in Canada. For information aboutordering other system reference materials, replacement parts, accessories, and other compatible equipment, refer to “Product Ordering Information” in Appendix B.

Support Telephone Number
In the continental U.S., AT&T provides a toll-free customer helpline 24 hours a day. Call the AT&T Helpline at 1 800 628-2888 if you need assistance when programming or using your system. Outside thecontinental U.S., contact your local AT&T Authorized Dealer.


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