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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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L-ACOUSTICS® V-DOSC® is the first full frequency line source array based on the principles of Wavefront Sculpture Technology® (WST). At the heart of V-DOSC is the internationally patented DOSC waveguide which permits fulfilment of WST criteria at high frequencies, allowing elements to couple coherently and create a single, continuous, isophasic sound source. As a result, V-DOSC is afull-spectrum coherent system, whereas conventional horn and driver assemblies interfere throughout most of their operating bandwidth. By creating a continuous radiating ribbon, V-DOSC functions as a line source array in comparison with other line arrays that do not satisfy WST criteria at high frequencies. A turnkey V-DOSC system consists of V-DOSC elements, dedicated rigging, SB218 subwoofers,dV-DOSC fill enclosures, digital signal processors with proprietary OEM factory presets, V-DOSC amplifier racks and associated loudspeaker plus signal distribution cabling. A proprietary return snake system including panels and multicore is also available. The 90 degree horizontal coverage and coplanar symmetry of V-DOSC provides excellent stereo imaging in left-right configurations while WSTflexibility allows the designer to cover virtually any room geometry. Well-defined vertical and horizontal directivity allows accurate performance prediction with easy-to-use software tools and by using calibrated angle values, a V-DOSC array is physically configured as a variable curvature line source array to match vertical directivity to the audience. The end result is predictable coverage, exceptionallyeven frequency response and SPL along with the elimination of comb filtering, phasing and lobing problems associated with conventional arrays. The unique attenuation properties of V-DOSC (3 dB reduction in SPL with doubling of distance) are obtained through cylindrical wave generation plus proper focus of the system. Nearfield extension is an associated benefit that helps maintain tonal balancewith distance while extending the critical distance in a given venue. This provides improved fidelity and excellent intelligibility even under highly reverberant acoustic conditions. As a full range 3-way system, V-DOSC can be used in corporate, classical or theatrical productions without subwoofers. For touring applications, the addition of SB218 subwoofers is recommended and V-DOSC is highlysuited for sound reinforcement in theatre, arena, stadium or outdoor festival applications. V-DOSC has revolutionized the loudspeaker industry by providing the sound engineer with an effective and versatile sound reinforcement tool. All elements of the V-DOSC system have been selected for their quality and durability and there is a strong emphasis placed on complementary technical support andtraining.



wavefront sculpture technology ®

Active 3-way  enclosure (2 x 15" LF, 4 x 7" MF, 2 x 1.4" HF) WST-based line  source design Perfect coupling,  predictable coverage

Excellent for  medium and long throw applications Coplanar  symmetry (90° horizontal directivity)

Adjustable  vertical directivity (up to 5°)  Designed for high performancetouring and fixed installation

Ergonomic,  fast, secure rigging system OEM factory  presets for approved digital processors

L-acoustics specifications are based on measurement procedures which produce unbiased results and allow for realistic performance prediction and simulations. some of these specifications will appear very conservative when compared with other manufacturer ’sspecifications. all measurements are conducted under free field conditions and scaled to a 1 m reference distance unless otherwise indicated.

Frequency Response Frequency response 50 - 18k Hz (±3 dB)) Usable bandwidth 40 - 20k Hz (-10 dB) Sensitivity1 LF MF HF
(Long Term)

Enclosure (3WX HI preset) • Width • Height • Depth

1300 mm 434 mm 565 mm 108 kg

51.2 in 17.1 in...
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