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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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BBC Learning English Teacher blog Hello Everyone!
Catherine's binominals lesson plan
Materials you will need: • a picture of me (Catherine) • a class set of print-outs of the first 2 paragraphs ofmy 'Hello Everyone!' blog of February 8, 2011 ( with the binominals blanked out (you can copy and paste the blog into a Word document to do this, or print directly from thewebpage and use correction-fluid to erase the binominals. • A class set of the language point pdf from the Flatmates episode 81 ( • A class set of the quiz pdf from the Flatmatesepisode 81 ( Lesson plan: 1. Pre-reading: Show the class my picture and elicit or tell them that her name is Catherine and she is a teacher. Write or dictate the following questions: •• • Which countries has she worked in? How old is she? How does she feel about her job?

Elicit a few predictions / guesses before the reading stage. 2. Reading: Students read and answer thequestions. Feed back as a class. 3. Language focus: ask students what they think should go in the spaces (where you blanked out the binominals). They should be able to suggest words & phrases from the context(you can use the definitions of the binominals from my blog to help do this). When the class has agreed on the meaning that should go in the spaces, give them the binominals, in random order, and getthem to fill the spaces. (You could make this more challenging by giving them the 8 main words separately and getting them to pair them up). Then do some language work on the form of binominals – usethe language notes from my blog to do this. Then work through the Flatmates language point pdf with them. 4. Practice: Get the students to do the Flatmates quiz pdf. Then get them to write a dialogue(you can use any context that works for your class) that uses as many of the binominals as possible. Have them act out their dialogue for the class! Happy teaching! Catherine

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