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Xtension Recorder Digital 01 Quick Reference Guide
Comvurgent Downloads Available at UK Office 0115 959 6400 US Office +1 949.587.1226 This guide is Copyright € Comvurgent Limited 2005.

Thank you for choosing Xtension Recorder by Comvurgent. Xtension Recorder Digital01 is a USB device that taps across the digital extension pair of atelephone system, allowing digital recording of the telephone user’s conversation. Using the Desktop software (included), you can create a file for each call and save this to the local PC or to a network location. Xtension Recorder Digital01 is for specific digital key sets: it cannot be used with analog or VoIP phones. This guide is designed to help you quickly and easily install your XtensionRecorder Digital 01 device. We have also included a summary of the features and functions available on the Xtension Recorder Desktop software.

The use of monitoring, recording, or listening devices to eavesdrop, monitor, retrieve, or record telephone conversation or other sound activities, whether or not contemporaneous with transmission, may be illegal in certain circumstances underfederal or state laws. Legal advice should be sought prior to implementing any practice that monitors or records any telephone conversation.

PC Compatibility
The Xtension Recorder application supports Microsoft operating systems which support USB devices such as Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and Windows XP. Note: Windows 95, NT and Macintosh operating systems are not supported.

ForWindows 98 or ME 1. Insert the CD in a CD drive in your PC. Run the Setup.exe program file on the provided installation CD BEFORE connecting the Xtension Recorder device to your PC. Open My Computer on your desktop and then double-click on the CD Drive. Locate the Setup.exe file and double-click on it. 2. 3. 4. Using the USB cable provided, connect the USB cable to your PC and to the Xtension Recorderdevice. Unplug the line cord from the telephone and connect it to either port on the Xtension Recorder device. Connect your telephone to the remaining port on the Xtension Recorder device. Using the USB cable provided, connect the Xtension Recorder device to your PC. Windows will start the Found New Hardware Wizard. Select “Install from a list or specific location” and then click on the Nextbutton.

For Windows XP or 2000 1.

2. 3.

Insert the CD in a CD drive in your PC. Click on the Next button.


The software has been fully tested, but has not yet been submitted for Microsoft approval. Click on Continue Anyway.



Click on the Finish button to close the dialog box.


Run the Setup.exe file on the CD to install the application software to your PC. OpenMy Computer on your desktop and then double-click on the CD Drive. Locate Setup.exe and double-click on it.


Connect the telephone to the device. Note: it does not matter which side goes to the phone or to the wall.


Line Cord

Line Cord

Software Setup and Use
This section gives a brief overview of the Desktop software. It explains how to set up the software on theFile Management and Options pages and how to record and review calls using the Record and Playback pages.

File Management
Use the File Management page to choose the location to store your calls:  Browse to a specific location or accept the default folder. If you intend to store files on a network server, we recommend that you buffer the calls in a folder on the local PC. Auto-Delete Selection -Choose when calls should be deleted, if ever. Note: Calls marked important will never be auto-deleted.


Use the Options page to determine how calls are recorded:  Automatically start recording every call – select this option if you want calls to be recorded automatically. Note: To record manually, press the Record button on the Record Tab. Choose recording format – We...
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