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3COM SWITCH 4500 10/100 FAMILY
Intelligent and secure edge connectivity, ideal for small and medium enterprise and branch office networks
from top: 3Com Switch 4500 26-Port, Switch 4500 50-Port, Switch 4500 PWR 26-Port, Switch 4500 PWR 50-Port

The 3Com® Switch 4500 family of managed, stackable 10/100 Ethernet switches provides secure, flexible LANconnectivity for enterprise and branch office networks. The Switch 4500 family offers Layer 2 switching and dynamic Layer 3 routing, as well as robust security, Quality of Service (QoS) and management features to deliver intelligent edge connectivity for essential business applications. Four switch models—stackable in any combination up to eight units—include: >3Com Switch 4500 26-Port: 24 10/100 portsplus 2 dual-personality Gigabit ort pairs >3Com Switch 4500 50-Port: 48 10/100 ports plus 2 dual-personality Gigabit port pairs >3Com Switch 4500 PWR 26-Port: 24 10/100 Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports plus 2 dual-personality Gigabit port pairs >3Com Switch 4500 PWR 50-Port: 48 10/100 PoE ports plus 2 dual-personality Gigabit port pairs

SECURES THE NETWORK Essential security featuresprovide user and device authentication, enforce access control for switch management and enhance overall network security to protect critical resources and information. EMPOWERS APPLICATION CONVERGENCE The Switch 4500 family combines high performance switching, QoS and advanced traffic management features to help ensure essential applications get the appropriate priority for efficient utilizationof network resources. REDUCES DEPLOYMENT COSTS Two Switch 4500 models provide Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE provides electrical power and data connectivity over a single Ethernet cable—resulting in significant cost savings when deploying devices like IP phones, wireless access points and IP security cameras. INCREASES FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY Dual-personality ports allow for both copper andfiber Gigabit uplink connections. The switch supports true stacking with the ability to stack up to eight switch units—384 10/100 ports per stack—with single IP management and distributed aggregated links for high uplink resiliency. Alternatively, cluster manage up to 32 geographically distributed devices together, with any mix of Switch 5500G, 5500, 4500G, 4500, 4200G and 4210s.


3COM 450010/100 FAMILY

KEY BENEFITS (continued)
ENHANCES MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL The Switch 4500 family is easy to use and manage, designed to increase business productivity by reliably supporting business applications. Additionally, the PoE models deliver intelligent power management (“smart PoE”) with dynamic allocation of available power resources. MINIMIZES VOICE OVER IP COMPLEXITY Minimize thecost and complexity associated with adding or moving IP phones: the Switch 4500 detects the presence of IP phones and dynamically assigns switch ports to the voice VLAN, enabling automated configuration and prioritization of Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic. DELIVERS HIGH PERFORMANCE No need to buy new switches when additional network performance is needed, as the Switch 4500 family features 26-port and50-port models, providing aggregate switching capacity up to 8.8 Gbps and 13.6 Gbps, respectively.
The Switch 4500 also supports jumbo frames at sizes up to 9,216 bytes for greater efficiency in large data transfers.

the Switch 4500G PWR 50-port switch has a PoE power budget of 300 Watts, which means that approximately half of the ports can provide the full 802.3af PoE power of 15.4 Watts.With an RPS providing power, all 48-ports can provide a full 15.4 Watts of PoE power. › They deliver redundant power to switches so there is continued operation should the switch unit power supply fail. This allows for continuous operation of advanced Enterprise networks, particularly important for converged networks running IP phones on the network.
3Com H3C RPS Systems

3Com switches are...
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