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Adventures In Missions

How & Where to Send Support Money
The handling of your support funds is an arrangement that will be important throughout your time as an AIM student. The greatestfrustration in receiving support is keeping the lines of communication open and flexible. We highly suggest monthly newsletters and personal notes and phone calls to all supporters. One thing you will need tocommunicate with your supporters is how and where they should send your monthly (or one-time) support. We suggest two ways to route money:

Sponsoring Congregation
Find a congregation (supportingand/or home congregation) that would be willing to collect all of your money and write one large check, monthly. This is required after the first 8 months in Lubbock. You might ask: • If they arewilling to write a check for the expected amount, whether all the money has been turned in or not. Because the timing of supporters checks can sometimes be unpredictable, in this way the sponsoring churchcan offset that and help you have a fairly stable and reliable income each month. • If they will write a check so you will receive the check by mail by the 1st of the month or deposit the check inyour local bank account (where the congregation is located) by the 1st of the month. • If they are willing to communicate, on your behalf, with those who are not turning in money or are frequently late.• If they will send your check to you either at school or at your apartment mailing address (apartment assignments will not be given out until the day of registration). The school address is: AIM Office3723 34th St. Lubbock, TX 79410-2895 • Other notes: o Make sure you keep lines of communication open with phone calls, letters and personal notes to supporters. o We highly suggest sending moneythrough a supporting/sponsoring congregation from the beginning. Once the first eight months are complete, we require every student to use this method for routing their money. Therefore, by handling...