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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2011
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The Catalogue

Linde Material Handling



“We do everything for your success.”
Dear Customers, We would like to help you rationalise your stock turnover even more efficiently and assist you in finding the most economical solution to suit your requirements. This is the high aim and the clear objective on which we have set our sights. Linde Material Handling produceseconomical forklift trucks and warehousing equipment, and provides fast and efficient after-sales and customer services which make sure that you enjoy decisive added benefits. Our contribution to your success is based on three main cornerstones: Innovative technology, exemplary ergonomics and outstanding economy. As the leading vendor of efficient intralogistic product solutions, Linde Material Handling alsofocuses its technological expertise on easing the workload of personnel and lessening impact on the environment. New in-house developments not only lower energy consumption and cut environmental pollution by means of lowered emissions, they also lessen the work-related strain on your employees, thereby boosting their performance considerably. The pioneering Linde PureMotion programme concentratesall our competence in these fields. Linde Material Handling offers you an unsurpassed variety of tailored product solutions. Take a look at the following pages and see for yourself. Each of our trucks satisfy all your high demands and requirements – today and also in the future.

Theodor Maurer, Member of the Management Board




Introduction by Theodor Maurer Linde– more than a century of success Linde PureMotion: The overall solution for the individual and the environment Customer proximity as a factor for success: Global, national, regional Innovation as a guiding principle The aim of our innovations – safeguarding the future

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Product Overview Transporting Storage Order Picking Stacking Explosion-Protected Trucks

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Added value for success Tailored solutions for maximised advantages




Always one step ahead, always the right solution
The secret of success – generating a decisive added value. The history of Linde Material Handling is marked by innovations of benchmarking quality. 50 years ago Linde revolutionised the field of lift trucks with the pioneering invention of thehydrostatic drive system. For more than 20 years we have been developing technical concepts to lessen the workload of drivers and lower dust and particle emissions. This innovative force has been maintained until today, and we constantly focus on our objective of achieving continuous innovation and staying one step ahead at all times. We also have many ideas for practical solutions which are geared tothe future and are sure to provide maximised benefits for our customers. The Linde Material Handling forklift trucks and warehousing equipment have proven their advantages all over the world in a range of demanding applications. We are never satisfied with only making machines which simply work.

When developing a new product, Linde Material Handling aims to be “top of the class”.

The value ofour products therefore extends far beyond simple function and includes features such as unique driving and operating comfort and convenience, exemplary eco-friendliness and the highest economy. These are benefits which mean that our customers can always be sure of getting something more for their money.

Linde – The path to the top in the intralogistics sector is marked by many technicalmilestones.









The strict orientation of our product range to meet customer requirements and market demands, the uniquely extensive product portfolio, our close-to-customer services and emphasis on customers’ needs have ensured that Linde Material Handling is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of intralogistic solutions. We also...