Map of ship trap island

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Language Arts I
Map of Ship Trap Island 50pts.

The setting of a story is an important tool for readers in understanding all the aspects of the plot. In Richard Connell’s “The Most DangerousGame” the story occurs within the confines of an island. The author gives the readers plenty of clues and description as to how the island affects the events that happen in the story.

Your job is tomap Rainsford’s journey throughout the story. As we read, determine what is happening in the story then draw it on the map based on the descriptions the author gives you. Label the event carefullyand provide as many details as you can. Use pencil, pen, colored pencils and/or markers to make your map come to life.

You must include the following on your map and label them as such:
• Oneor more examples of CONFLICT
• Three (3) examples of the RISING ACTION
• The CLIMAX of the story
• The RESOLUTION of the story
• A legend including a compass, labeled sites andtopographical features

**The more plot elements you include, the better your score. See scoring guide below.

|A |Includes 10 events |Includes all requirements |Isclearly and correctly |Uses color and detail |
| | |listed above |labeled |to enhance |
|| | | |understanding |
|B |Includes 8 events |Includes all therequirements|Is clearly and correctly |Uses color and detail |
| | |listed above |labeled |effectively |
|C|Includes 7 events |Includes all the requirements|Is clearly labeled but some|Attempts to use color |
| | |listed above...
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