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mGay 90’s Whiz Bang
Instruction Manual
Model #2014EX

Part No. 47700EX Revised June 1996

Cincinnati, OH 45241-4807 USA

This equipment is designed and sold for commercial use only. This equipment is not to be used by the consumer in home use. Do not allow direct contact of this equipment by the public when used in food service locations. Only personnel trained andexperienced in the equipment operation may operate this equipment. Carefully read all installation instructions before operating the equipment.

Always wear safety glasses when servicing this equipment.

To avoid serious burns, do NOT touch the kettle while it is hot.

Any alterations to this equipment will void the warranty and may cause a dangerous situation. NEVER make alterations to theequipment. Make sure all machine switches are in the OFF position before plugging the equipment into a receptacle.

Machine must be properly grounded to prevent electrical shock to personnel. Do NOT immerse the kettle, warmer, or any other part of this equipment in water. Always unplug the equipment before cleaning or servicing.

The information, specifications and illustrations containedin this manual represent the latest data available at time of publication. Right is reserved to make changes as required at the discretion of Gold Medal Products Company without notice.

Gay 90's Whiz Bang

Your new Antique Popcorn Machine is completely assembled. Remove all packing material and tape before starting operations. If you have ordered a popcorn wagon, it is shippedin two sections. After unpacking, set the top section onto a base or wagon.

Standard voltage for all export machines covered by this manual is 230 volt, 50 cycle, single phase, A.C. current.

There are three switches on the popper.

Turns on heat lamp and strip heater under the corn pan.KETTLE MOTOR SWITCH
Turns on motor which drives the kettle agitator shaft.

Turns on heat elements inside the kettle.

The Gay 90's Antique Whiz Bang is equipped with a 355ml (12 oz. by volume) corn measure cup and a 118ml (4 oz. by volume) oil measure cup. We recommend flavored and colored coconut oil. Popcorn popped in coconut oil staysfresh longer. Coconut oil does not leave the black deposits in your kettle like other oils. CORN CHARGE - 355ml (12 ounces by volume) OIL CHARGE - 118ml (4 ounces by volume) FLAVACOL (Seasoning Salt) - 1½ to 2 teaspoons

1. Turn KETTLE HEAT and KETTLE MOTOR switches "ON". 2. Make test pop with 3 kernels of corn and 30ml (1 oz. by volume) of popping corn. When kernels pop, youare ready. 3. Load full corn and oil charge, plus Flavacol seasoning salt into the kettle. 4. When corn has popped, dump the kettle. 5. Repeat the cycle - start with #3. Always pop 3 to 5 batches for the best popcorn. On the final kettle of corn, it is a good idea to turn the KETTLE HEAT switch "OFF", just as the lids are forced open by the popping corn. This saves electricity, since there isplenty of heat in the kettle, and also helps eliminate smoke and odor after you have stopped popping.



Gay 90's Whiz Bang


Disconnect main electrical power supply cord before cleaning to eliminate the possibility of electrical shock.

Each time you finish a series of poppings, wipe the outside of the kettle with a soft cloth to remove any oildrippage on the outside of the kettle. Don't let it BURN ON. After you finish popping for the day, let the kettle cool until it is not too hot to handle, but still warm. Unplug the kettle and remove it from the machine. With a cloth, wipe out the inside of the kettle, the kettle lids, the kettle crossbar, and the outside of the kettle and underneath. Cleaning the cabinet of your machine is easy -...
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