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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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1. Assembly Instructions 4- 7
1.1 For your safty
1.2 Handing the equipment
1.3 Instruction for assembly
1.4 Order of spare parts
1.5 Checklists parts
1.6 Checklist handware
2. General 7-8
2.1 Package
2.2 Disposal
2.3 Explanation of symbols
3. Assembly9 - 15
3.1 Remove all parts from the transport box except the treadmill
3.2 Take the treadmill out of the transport box
3.3 Assembly Steps
4. Placing the treadmill 16
4.1 Aligning the treadmill
4.2 Power supply
4.3 Fold the treadmill
4.4Unfold the treadmill
4.5 Moving the treadmill
4.6 Store the treadmill
5. Preparing the start17
5.1 Power supply
5.2 Safety key
5.3 Enter and leave the treadmill
6. Electronic operation 18 - 20

7. Training manual 20 - 23
7.1 Training frequency
7.2 Training intensity
7.3 Heart rate training
7.4 Training control
7.5 Training duration
7.6 Warm up and cool down
8. Maintenance23 - 24
8.1 Cleaning
8.2 Setting belt
8.3 Adjusting the belt tension
8.4 Lubricating the belt

9. Troubleshooting 24 -25

10. Explosion drawing 26

11. Spare parts list 27 - 29

1.1 For your safety

- Before beginningyour program of exercise, consult your doctor to ensure that you are fit enough to use this equipment. Base your program of exercise on the advice given by your doctor. Incorrect or excessive exercise may damage your health.
- The treadmill should be used only for its intended purpose, i.e. for physical exercise by adult persons.
- Any other use of the equipment is prohibited and may be dangerous.The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage or injury caused by improper use of the equipment.
- This treadmill has been designed in accordance with the latest standards of safety. Any features which may have been a possible cause of injury have been avoided or made as safe as possible.
- Incorrect repairs and structural modifications (e.g. removal or replacement of original parts) mayendanger the safety of the user.
- Damaged components may endanger your safety or reduce the lifetime of the equipment. For this reason, worn or damaged parts should be replaced immediately and the equipment must take out of use until this has been done. Use only original spare parts.
- If the equipment is in regular use, check all its components thoroughly every 1 – 2 months. Pay particularattention to the tightness of bolts and nuts. This is particularly true for all attached parts.
- Ensure that the safety level is kept to the highest possible standard. Determined by its construction, this product should be serviced regularly (once a year) by specialist retailers.
- Must instruct other persons using the equipment (in particular children) on possible sources of danger during exercise.- Any interference with parts of the product that are not described within the manual may cause damage or endanger to the person using this equipment. Extensive repair must be only carried out by special retailers or qualified personnel trained by manufacturer.
- Use only the supplied power cord.
- Your treadmill is an electric product. Therefore it must be ensure that it is grounded duringuse. Please make sure that the power cord is connected with a suitable power outlet. This guarantees a reduced risk of electric shock caused by malfunction.
A malfunction can cause an electric shock if the grounding has an improper Connection. If you are not sure if your power outlet is suitable, please contact a qualified electrician.

- Never leave your treadmill without supervision. If you...
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