Maquinaria para extraer jugo de naranja

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MODEL 1100
The Brown Model 1100 Extractor is a commercial citrus juice extractor capable of delivering a high qualitycitrus juice at extremely high production rates. This extractor is usually equipped with components to process lemons and limes. It is sometimes used to process smaller oranges, grapefruit, tangerinesor mandarins. This extractor can be equipped to process this fruit in several size ranges from 1-1/4” to 4-1/4” in diameter. The Model 1100 can process, depending on the fruit, up to 12 short tons offruit per hour. They are manufactured using all stainless steel construction and FDA approved rubber and plastic parts. This insures the highest degree of sanitation for a food processing machine, aswell as providing and extremely long service life. The Brown Model 1100 Citrus Extractor is installed in a citrus processing line to extract the lemons and limes and are configured to accommodate eachfruit size. Each size extractor tolerates significant overlap of fruit sizes making efficient use of all the extractors on each processing line. Juice cell sacs recovered from these Brown juiceextractors are recognized as superior in quality with a larger average particle size and higher percentage of floating cells which give juice products the often desired “pulpy” mouth feel. There is anincreasing demand for Brown Extractor quality pulp.

OPERATION: Whole wholesome pre-sized citrus fruit is fed into the Model 2000 feeder conveyor. The feeder separates the fruit into three lanes andfeeds the fruit in each lane horizontally into one of the three in-feed openings on the extractor. At each of the three openings is a bisecting knife that cuts the fruit in half as it enters the machine.Also located at the top of the stainless steel grid are slitting knives that cut the sides of the fruit half helping the fruit to flatten for easier extraction. As the grooves on the discs pull the...
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