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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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Jiangmen Pengjiang Haiguang Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.
Phone:0086-13427365411 contactor: Mandy Zhang
MSN: SKYPE: emilyzhang125
Address: NO.33 Section A of Yaocun Industrial Area, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China1000L/H Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier system

Model: RO-1000I(1000L/H)
1, Source water should be:
2, Production capacity: 1000L/H water temperature: 25 centigradedegrees

3, Technical instructions:
A, Adopt the RO(reverse osmosis) filtration technique, making the water conductivity meet the international standard GB17323-1998, No impurity material and bacteriawith good tastes
B, The ESPA-4040 membrane, can make the recovery to be 50~75%, desalinization ratio to be 98%. Can get rid off 99.99% of bug,95% of toxic metal, 99% of the radionuclide, and 95% ofthe organic material.

4, Purification steps
Source water Source water pump Quartz sand filter Active Carbon filter
water softener PP sediment filter ROmain machine User

5, Specifications:
|Name |Material or origin |Model |Quantity |Remarks ||Source water pump |Lingxiao brand |BLC70/0.75Kw |1pc |380V,2M3/H |
|Sand filter |Glass fiber re-inforced|ф300*1650*δ1.5mm |1pc |0.2Mpa, 2M3/H, |
| |plastic | ||sand 150Kg |
|Carbon filter |Glass fiber re-inforced |ф300*1650*δ1.5mm |1pc |0.2Mpa, 2M3/H, |
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