Maquinas y herramientas

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a) If you eat much junk food your cholesterol level will rise.
b) If you study hard you will pass the exam easily.
c) If I don’t do my I’ll be moved to the beginner’s class!
d) IfI go out I’ll wear my red dress.
e) If you don’t hurry up, we won’t get to the movie.

a) The new freeway will wipe out the last natural area left around here.
b) The world will runout of oil some day.
c) I did OK on the quiz, but I couldn’t figure out the answer to number five.
d) Could you look after your little brother for a while? I have to go to the store.
e)The party starts at seven, but people will probably turn up around eight.
f) Can you help me come up with some ideas for the Christmas party?
a) The candidate probably has children. (true)b) She will not increase taxes. (false)
c) She thinks teachers should earn more money. (true)
d) She is a green candidate. (true)
e) She is probably the favorite candidate of peoplein big business. (false)

1) What did the candidate say about family values?
She said that she promised to promote family values.
2) What did she say about schools?
She said that she woulddedicate more tax money to schools and to teachers.
3) What did she say about larges industries?
She said that she planned to require large industries to spend 1% of their profits on the environment.4) How did she describe herself?
She said that, she was the family and community candidate.

a) CONVECTION: During the day, cool air (a gas) from the sea moves to replace the warm air onthe land, which then rises.

b) CONDUCTION: your wear a dark shirt on a hot day and you feel very warm.
c) RADIATION: you heat a cup of coffee in a microwave oven.

d) CONVECTION: duringa fire, you should stay as close to the floor as possible since it is hotter closer to the ceiling of the room because heat rises.

e) CONDUCTION: you burn your hand when you put it on a hot...
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