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GATORADE in 1985 WAS MADE UP BY A TEAM OF CIENTIFICODE Univera DE LA Floride, released by the Robert CADE DR.
Tests are carried out with the players on a football team gators called ¨ ¨. The objective was to create a drink can quickly replenish body fluids lost duringphysical activity, to avoid severe dehydration, overheating or early fatigue. gatorade (gators + Robert Cade) was the name which other teams called the drink without knowing what was brewing an idea that would become a brand. during that season, the Gators broke records with his victories and supported by the highlight of their performance became known aser ¨ 'THE TEAM FOR THE SECOND TIME ¨' that wasthen when they could defeat their opponents. coach discovered that his players had physical advantages to taking the drink, showing less mayoresniveles dehydration and performance. in fact, during a game against Georgia Tech, he was asked to coach this team elpor that defeat and this answered that they did not have Gatorade. that was the story became a legend and drink number 1 in theworld.

GATORADE IS THE CREATOR OF SPORTS DRINKS MARKET. Its beginnings date from the 60s and since then the brand Continues to Grow, Even After HAVING Become a leader in everything and labebida lmundo sports. Provided using a solid scientific platform, gatorade is proud to be one of the more Investigates consumer products in the field of physiology for ITS Benefits for health maintenance.In 1988, Gatorade Sports Science Institute was founded, and your mission is help to the athelets to protect to their health and to maximize to their yield, whit the study and investigation of the science of nutrition and hydratation. The Team of GSSI is integrated by professional Scientists that work with and amateurs athletes.

Its objective is to determine percepsion sensorial of foods anddrinks, as well as the physiological answers before the ingestion of nutientes during the exercise. their investigations are based mainly on the studies on the physical, physiological performance environmental, hydration and nutrition of the sp

When Gatorade born , cause a few changes in hydration techniques of the athletes in all world, whit this change , the idea for limit to ingest liquidsin training and competitions was forgotten, and they understood the need of rehydrating the body to prevent the dehydration and the early fatigue.




473 ml glass. beneficial innovative model, anatomically shaped stylized glass container, easy to grasp and practical to wear. wide mouth lid off twis, easy to open and close.
8 tropical fruitflavors, Manarin, ice apple, grape, passion fruit, cool blue, lime, lemon, watermelon


Benefits it produces 7.5 liters easy and rapid available preparation only in self-services.

Economic for the frequent consumers.

3 flavors lime - lemon, orange and fruit punch


great benefits for children's lunch box packing unbreakable. containing 200 ml
3 tropicalfruit flavors, tangerine, grape

LA HISTORIA GATORADE en 1985 FUE ARREGLADA POR UN EQUIPO DE CIENTIFICODE Univera de LA Floride, liberada por Robert CADE doctor.

Las pruebas son realizadas con los jugadores(actores) sobre un equipo de fútbol gators llamó ¨ ¨. El objetivo era crear una bebida rápidamente puede rellenar fluidos de cuerpo perdidos durante la actividad física, evitar ladeshidratación severa, recalentando o temprano cansar. gatorade (gators + Robert Cade) era el nombre que otros equipos llamaron la bebida sin saber(conocer) que elaboraba una idea que se haría una marca(clase). durante aquella estación, el Gators rompió registros con sus victorias y apoyó por el

EL EQUIPO PARA EL SEGUNDA VEZ ¨ ' que era entonces cuando ellos podrían derrotar a sus opositores. el...
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