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How much do you know about chocolate? Circle the correct answers
1._ Chocolate comes from the (fir/cacao) tree.
2._Chocolate is made from the trees (leaves/seeds)
3._Originally, chocolate came from (Europe/the Americas)
4._People first consumed chocolate by (drinking/eating) it
5._At one time, cocoa beans were valuable and were used like (currency/jewelry)
6._ Many people once believedchocolate and (positive/negative) effects on health
7._ The (French/Spanish) were the first Europeans to use chocolate
8._ Most of world’s chocolate is now grown in (México/Africa)
Look at the answers you circled above. Now read the article to see if your predictions were correct.
1 the Theobrama cacao tree, to use its scientific name, provides us with
2 one of the world’s most deliciousfoods--- chocolate! Theobroma is a greek
3 word meaning food of the gods. The tree originally comes from the
4 amazon region of south America. Hand – sized ponds that grow on the tree
5 contain cacao seeds—often called cocoa bens. These seeds, or beans, are
6 used to make chocolate.
7 the earliest use and consumption of cacao beans dates bank to around
8 1000 b.c. later, the mayan and Azteccivilizations consumed cacao as a
9 drink. They often flavored it with ingredients such as chili peppers, and
10 others spices. It is believed that drinking cups of chocolate was important
11 in mayan rituals such as wedding ceremonies. Consuming cacao was also
12 believed to have positive effects on health. In peru, eating or stomach. The
13 mixture of chocolate and chili was said to be goodfor the stomach. The
14 aztecsnthought it cured sicknesses such as diarrhea, and believed it was an
15 aphrodisiac. Their ruler, moctezuma, was said to have drunk fifty cups a
16 day!
17 christopher Columbus, alongwith spanish explorers, made his fourth
18 voyage across the atlantic in the early 1500s, and arrived on the coast of
19 honduras. It was at this time that he first discovered thevalue of cocoa
20 beans, which were used as currency in many parts of central America
21 in the sixteenth century, chocolate was taken back to spain by hernan
22 cortez, another explorer. The spanish people added ingredients such as
23 sugar and vanilla to make it sweet. It later spread to france in the
24 seventeenth century after the marriage of Louis xiii to the spanish
25 princess, anna,who loved chocolate. The popularity of chocolate
26 continued to spread further across Europe and the americas. The only
27 asian country to adopt it at that time, though, was the Philippines, which
28 the spanish invaded in the sixteenthe century
29 as chocolate became more popular, the demand for people to work on the
30 cocoa plantations increased. Slaves were brought to the americas from31 africa to farm the cocoa. Eventually, the cacao tree was taken to africa
32 and cultivation began there. Today, the African plantations provide almost
33 seventy percent of the worlds cacao, compared with one and a half
34 percent from mexico
35 who would have thought that chocolate candy bars had so much history?

¿Cuánto sabe usted de chocolate? Encierra en un círculo las respuestascorrectas
1._ chocolate proviene del árbol (abeto / cacao).
2._Chocolate se hace de los árboles (hojas / semillas)
3._Originally, el chocolate era (Europa / América)
4._People primera consumida por el chocolate (beber / comer) que
5._At un tiempo, los granos de cacao eran valiosas y se utilizaron como (moneda / joyería)
6._ Mucha gente cree que una vez que el chocolate y (positivo / negativo)los efectos sobre la salud
El 7._ (francés / español) fueron los primeros europeos que utilizan el chocolate
La mayoría 8._ de chocolate del mundo se cultiva en (México / África)
Mira las respuestas que marcó anteriormente. Ahora lea el artículo para ver si sus predicciones eran correctas.
1 Theobroma cacao del árbol, para usar su nombre científico, nos proporciona
2 uno de los alimentos...
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