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marco teorico en ingles

Theoretical Framework:

Pollution, Educate and Transform:

At one time or a space where youth and adults sought or are seeking a conscientious approach to thecommunity, forming groups or environmental movements.

Environmental movements

"Apart from possible political connotations that can sometimes take the movement to protect nature and use of many politicalgroups of all political stripes do it for their own benefit and for special purposes"

According to the above, we certify that the environmental movement must be supported by politicians andpolitical parties to seek ways of advertising.

But we can also say that changes in climate or environment can come because of a development that causes destruction to the environment

"It is estimatedthat around 2000 half the human population, totaling about 6,500 of humans living in cities in towns over the past 200 years has created more than 1,600 cities with a larger number of 100,000 because agood measure to the accelerated "

This may clarify that the man did not mind the habitat but cared where urbanization and development as time passes and it is estimated that our population willincrease more.

To see that our environment is destroyed we can see that several of these movements is to transform and raise awareness on the following we will know the meaning of the above items: 

Awareness or consciousness: "property of the human mind to recognize their attributes which itself undergoes" dictionary of the above we can say that human is a property of separating good andevil, but through research, the term awareness. Is to change the mindset of a person so that it can see the error of an entire community and thus being able to change

Transform: "Making change in a"dictionary, it means that through something we can transform an environment, thought and customs of a person or company

Since we know the meaning of concepts that can transform and aware that...
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