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Unit 1: It’s nice to meet you
1. We use be:
** Match the sentences according to their use**
1. She’s at home. /
Your bag’s on the chair.
2.The party is in theFantastic club.
3. All my family is Catholic. /
My grandpa is socialist.
4. She’s a journalist. /
My father’s a doctor.
5. I’m Sam. / That’s my ticket.
6. That wall is made of bricks.
7.He’s Martha’s husband.
8. I’m nineteen. /Sally’s 21 years old.
9. It’s my mom’s pen.
10. Your shoes are nice. / She’s tall.
11. It’s two o’clock. / Today is Thursday./
It’s March 24th.
12. We’retired. / He’s angry.
13. They’re American. /
We’re from Brazil.
14. I’m fine. / Kate’s ill. ___ To say who somebody is or what something is.
___ To describe something or somebody.
___ Tosay where somebody is from.
___ To talk about people’s jobs.
___ To talk about somebody’s age.
___ To say how we feel.
___ To say where somebody or something is.
___ To talk about somebody’shealth.
___ To express the hour, day and date.
___ To express religion or political affiliation.
___ To express the material something is made of.
___ To express the relationship of one person toanother.
___ To express possession.
___ To tell where an event is taking place.

2. We form be:

a) WHERE is your sister from?She’s from Texas.
b) HOW OLD are your grandparents? They’re eighty two years old.
c) WHAT is your name? My name’s Fiona /...