Marginalization in america

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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2011
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The term marginalization means, “to relegate or confine to a lower or outer limit or edge, as of social standing” (Young, 2000). Also, marginalization is understood as, “a process bywhich a group or individual is denied access to important positions and symbols of economic, religious, or political power within any society” (Mullaly, 2007). Lastly, being marginalized refers to,“being separated from the rest of the society, forced to occupy the fringes and edges and not to be at the centre of things, receiving unequal shares of the rewards of success. Marginalized people arenot considered to be a part of the society” (Arko Koley, 2010).
We can find marginalization in many groups and individuals, but this paper is going to review just two of them: refugees, andimmigrants in America. These people don’t have any knowledge of the English language. Also, they don’t have the resources to get clothes fit for living in a country like the United States of America wherethere are four seasons, of which the most hazardous for them is winter.
The difference between refugees and immigrants is that refugees have been forced to leave their country for fear ofpersecution, while immigrants voluntarily left their home countries to live in another country. Both groups are victims of marginalization making them powerless in their new nations. Depending on their countryof origin refugees and immigrants can be marginalized when finding jobs. For example: it seems that foreigners from poorer Latino, African, or Asian countries are discriminated against more thanthose of European descent. Results of this are lower wages, and providing the necessities of life for them can be forgotten by society.
There are many stories behind the faces of each and everyrefugee and immigrant. Sad stories, stories that tell about how their lives were before coming to America. Many have been marginalized in their own countries, after which they have tried to find...
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