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1-whats information is important to know about the life of mark twain?
Mark Twain was a writer and wrote novels and books about its potential life. Driving asteam chaff in  the civil war era. was a confederalism Twain continued to write travel books as A Tramp Abroad (1880) on a trip to the Alps and the Black Forest, and the classic Lifeon the Mississippi (1883) (first novel typed), composite materials previouslypublished or written and focuses a period of introspection about his childhood and youthand the more valuable given the writer's narrative books: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884).

2-whats information is important to knowabout us politics during the era of Huck Finn?
The U.S. Government abused the black people. the main problem ofslavery in 1800,cotton plantations were very important. Frederick Douglass and  Abraham Lincoln wereabolitionists who defended slavery. Today is the Opposite of NotLong Slavery existsand Our Country Respects freedom of expression and other property.

3-whats imformation is important to know about the US Economy during the era of Huck Finn?

Mississippi River was the most important river in that era because they wereexportingagricultural products. Had the industry with little machine WAS working manually. slaveswere imported to work in the industries of cotton plantations but receivednothing in return.

4-Whats imformation is important to know about US society and culture during the era of Huck Finn?That WAS the problem Society immigrant coming and Were Were, and Were not working reject. Because California is important is a free state. racism still exists. ku klux klan people. Bad economy.Inglaterra,...
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