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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Fernando Mendoza
Ms. Nagrecha
English 11.
Gatsby falling.
Somewhere, some when, and somehow I heard of the metaphor of us being plants. Just for the fact that plants have lifeand they have senses, also that our creation is similar in the way of evolving from seed and growing upwards. As my project, I drew a plant representing Gatsby’s life, his beginning, his development,his raising and his catastrophic collapse. The plant begins rising with strong leafs that point upward and give an impression of stability and prosperity, but as it continues to the top the leafs arealready getting weak and pointing downwards portraying his fall. Ending with 3 leafs blown by the wind and dragged by compromise and destiny.
The bottom of the plant represents Gatsby’s strongraising, with young leafs that show their strength and freshness. The leafs at the bottom represents his accomplishments, all his positive achievements and the way that they kept prospering. Prosperingbecause he had reached a great fortune and with it he was trying to get closer again to daisy, by bragging about all of his wealth and having daisy closer. Most of this made possible with the help ofNick that placed daisy in the hands of Gatsby. “he wants to know if you will invite daisy to your house some afternoon and let him come over” (fitzgerald 83), with this quote we can see gatsbysintentions and also prove that Nick was a collaborator in his plan of reunion.
Climbing more over the plant we reach the part of stability with regular leafs that look healthy and full of life. This leafsnow represent his stability on his goal, he was reaching it and he was maintaining his good rhythm. A rhythm so good that daisy had admitted everything in front of tom already that she loved both. “Idid loved him once by I loved you too” (fitzgerald 140), in this quote we can see that gatsbys plan was kind of working do to daisys acceptance of his love just that it wasn’t complete because she...
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