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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2011
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My mother is a very intelligent person
it can clear all the furniture in the house she can do the dailyfood
it can serve all your evening meal
she eats every day
she can dance and sing
she knows how to play piano
she cansew
she can walk
she can run
she can exercise
she can do housework
she is cute
she can read well
she can wash.the routine of my dad
he can cook
can wash the dishes he can do he does
my dad knows my dad make beds can drive my dadknows how to craft
my dad knows mourn

he knows he knows cars make up eating and bathing daily den
  my dad also knowshow to run and walk
my dad serves dinner daily
my dad knows how to take.

I get up every day wings 8 a.m.I bath daily
I daily breakfast
I wing school Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
I go to visit Grandma onSaturday ami
Sundays I go out with my friends
study of the 2 pm to 9 pm
I do homework at night
I have dinner when I get homeI sleep at 11 pm
everyday chat
I go to bath daily
I feed my pet
wash dishes on Thursdays and Sundays
this veryimportant maybi but is my mom ja ja but i love my mom she is perfect
my clothes are foldedσ my job is very easy for i dont job
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