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Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat noted that "Israel has achieved its goal of reaching direct negotiations" with the Palestinians that are scheduled to kick off on September2, adding that "it will seek through these talks to impose the concept of the Jewish nature of the state" of Israel.
In his weekly editorial to be published Tuesday by his party's mouthpieceal-Anbaa newspaper, Jumblat added that "this scheme will lead to disastrous results because it will finish off the Palestinian Cause and the Palestinian refugees' right of return, in addition tothe naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon."

Jumblat called for achieving "maximum benefit from the Syrian-Saudi axis in terms of steadfastness, solidarity and stability in order to preventcivil strife in Lebanon through the clear differentiation between the indictment and its elements of sabotage on the one side and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on the other, in addition tothe need to keep it away from politicization and manipulation."

The Druze leader noted that "the never-ending talking about the Resistance's arms raises more than a question mark, because it isimportant to benefit from these weapons to the maximum level, regardless of the fact that they come from Iran, Syria or other countries."

Jumblat called for equipping the army in an adequatemanner "in order to reach an advanced stage of objective integration similar to that materialized during the Adeisseh incident."

"The skeptical voices today are the same suspicious voicesthroughout history, they were and they will always be. In the past, they had voiced rejection to Palestinian arms and the fortification of the South, and they imposed on the army a creed that wascontrary to the status-quo back then, through rejecting to identify the enemy, which led the country to disasters.

"And today they are rejecting the Resistance's arms," Jumblat added.
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