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The History of Mario Bros
Mario had to start somewhere, and this was in the arcade version of Donkey Kong in 1981. Known only as a carpenter named “Jumpman,” his job was to hob over variousobstacles to get to rescue the captured damsel-in-distress.
Super Mario Bros released in 1985 and is considered a classic today. Selling over 40 million copies, it became one of the key reasons for thesuccess. A scrolling platform game, Mario’s main objective was based on the original Donkey Kong. The plumber had to rescue the captured Princess Toadstool from his new nemesis Bowser in Mushroom Kingdom.Super Mario Bros went to become one of the best-selling games in history.
Super Mario Bros 2 was first released in Japan in 1986. It features game play and levels similar to the original, with theaddition of new elements such as poison mushrooms. It also featured a much higher difficulty level, and is still said to be arguably the most difficult game in the Mario series. Super Mario Bros 2 wasreleased in 1988 in North America and in 1989 in Europe. It features seven new “worlds,” and allowed the player to choose to play as one of four different characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad (the mushroomcharacter,) or Princess Toadstool.
Development on Super Mario Bros 3 was quickly started. It sold over 18 million copies and is regarded by some as the best game in the Mario series. The last majorMario title to be released was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and it was introduced to the American public in August of 1991. One of its launch titles was Nintendo’s Super Mario World. Itfeatured updated graphics, new levels and worlds, and introduced Mario’s dinosaur companion Yoshi.
Mario continued to have growing success on the go-kart racing game, Super Mario Kart in 1992, then SuperMario All-Stars in 1994, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island in 1995. Next year, was released the new Nintendo 64 to the public. This time, Super Mario 64 introduced Mario in full 3D.
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