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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2012
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The main attractions for the few who visit Marcahuasi are the numerous rock formations with surprising likenesses to specific animals, people, and religious symbols.
The man responsible for whatlittle is known about Marcahuasi, was the late Daniel Ruzo, a Peruvian explorer. "A forgotten race created the statues before they were destroyed by a world-wide cataclysm". A warning to us, hesays.
According to the Ruzo's, the previous humanity lived on earth in Proto-History; before our civilization. They were very advanced, able to travel world wide and left evidence of themselves inmany places. For example:
-The Egyptian Princess. It is one of the many clues that suggest contact between Peru and Egypt in the distant past.
- Could the builders of Markawasi have traveled toEgypt? Left: The African Queen bears a close resemblance to the profile of the Great Sphinx of Egypt (right)
- Left: The Face on Mars, photographed by NASA. Right: A Face on Markawasi. Is there aconnection?
The statue at the right is the Monument to Humanity. Named by Daniel Ruzo for the four distict races of humanity which can be found on this 85 foot high monument. Situated at theNorthern entrance to the plateau, it greets all visitors.

The main monument, the Monument of Humanity, has fourteen faces visible by the light of the sun and two visible only by the light of the moon.Ruzo’s photos demonstrate very clearly the many different faces of Marcahuasi.
Other important monuments rare the Condor, whose form changes every sixty degrees, and the Feline which can be seenonly during the week of the winter solstice.

Some popular theories are wind and water erosion done by nature, man made by pre-Inca civilizations making use of features of the terrain, made bythe gods and/or by extra terrestrials. Anyway the monuments shown are truly amazing and the landscape is mystical and powerful. 

This fantastic place is also a famous location for UFO sightings.