Market assessment and analysis

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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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First of all, it is worth important to have clear the fact that we cannot speak about Market Assessment ifwe don´t define and divide two concepts: Market Screening and Enviromental Scanning.
The first one, Market Screening has its origin in the second one: “Environmental Scanning”; in this sense, we cansay and affirm that the first concept refers to a version of the second one but this last is generally while the second term is very specifical because Environmental Scanning is to look out the actualworld (political, economical, social, cultural, customs, news, micro and macro environmental tendencies, etc.) and its changes in order to have the whole global scene that allows to know theconsequences and effects in enterprises or companies, the business, etc.
So, in this way, we could put into word the next affirmation: Market Screening starts in the Environmental Scanning, taking all theinformation to identify the ideal market to create, produce, distribute and finally sell an infinity of goods, eliminating until find or discover the right one. Everything has only one objective:successful.
This, as we can suppose, cannot be positive without the previously analysis of the Environmental Scanning, of course. Are related but, at the same time independent conceptions to reach theright and multifacetical view that we need to act and react.
Both meanings that we have studied before, implies the use of specifically word and terminology, for example: target, delivery, consumption,customer and client (and understand the real differences), raw material, etc. In future advances, we are going to make emphasis and reference in the specifically terminology in order to have a deeplyknowledge.

1. Revenues: government income due to taxation/the entire amount of income before any deductions are made.
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