Marketing in business

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“Marketing in business”

Nowadays, you need an excellent marketing strategy to sell the products or services that your company offers in the market. Marketing is perhaps the mostimportant activity in a business because it has a direct effect on profitability and sales. 

Marketing is an area very important in a business and it has to be very close to other departmentslike financial and human resources. Financial forecast and to know the needs of the costumers are very important factors to take decisions.

There are different ways to promote yourcompany in a competitive environment.

One of the most important ways would be to sponsor great events where a lot of people recognize the image of your company and keep the image of ourcompany on their minds.

To create a marketing mix we have to take into account the “4P’s”; price, place, promotion and product. It means that there are many factors to get a successfulmarketing campaign. If one of the 4P is not working properly in the strategy we are going to have problems with all marketing strategy.

The 4Ps are very important but promotion has anindispensable role in marketing. Through promotion companies can create advertisements in news papers or TV ads. These marketing tools are useful to create the image of your company.

Forthat reason, if a company doesn’t have a good plan in promotion never will get enough costumers to run the business in an excellent way.

As a conclusion, it’s remarkable that marketingin businesses is an essential piece and you don’t work properly in this area your business could lose customer loyalty.


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