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REQUIRED ADAPTATION:We don’t need to act like others or give up our ways but tolerate and willingness to adapt to other cultures.Brazilian touch you when they talk to you, Germans think it isdiscourteous when you address them with their first name Cultural Imperatives are the business customs and expectations that must be met or avoided in order t succeed. Ex: don’t correct s.o. in public andknow the word compadre. Cultural Electives are the forms of behavior that may be wished but are not required.A Elective in one country may be a Imperative in another.Ex: Arab countries offer you acoffee as sign of trust and friendship you have to accept it but you may just have 1 sip. Cultural Exclusives: are those behavior patterns reserved exclusively for the locals and the foreigners should notuse.Ex: a Christian behaving like a Muslim would be repugnant to a follower of Mohammed. They can criticize their government but you as foreigner cant! “Ill curse my brother but if you curse himyou`ll have a fight”. Foreign managers need to know when to apply which form. The impact of American Culture on Management StyleMaster of destiny: hard work and commitment to fulfill expectations givepeople control over their destiny…With help of luck (Others might think you can`t control destiny)Independent enterprise: Americans think that work is more important than family and friends, unlikeMixicoPersonnel selection and reward are based on merit: Americans select the best applicant for a job. In other countries friendship or family might be the criteria for selection.(on basis of personalties) Objective analysis means that decisions must be supported with relevant and accurate information. (Judjement and intuition are important but not as much as accurate information.Wide sharing indecision making: Decisions are normally decentralized, decisions are pushed down to lower ranks of management. In the middle east only top executive make decisions (centralized)Never- ending quest for...