Marketing management

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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2011
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Inter American University, Graduate School of Business Administration, BADM5090 - Marketing Management Forum Session 13,
submitted by:Lourdes M. Nieves Pérez, (I.D. No.583-59-5243), to: Prof.Alicia González-Sparks on Wednesday, May 08, 2002.

Graduate School of Inter American University
BADM 5090 – Marketing Management
Learning Activities Output Report for Lesson 13

By : Lourdes M.Nieves Pérez

Submitted to: Prof. Alicia González-Sparks

In today’s marketplace, it’s a given that everyone wants increased sales. Yet virtually everyone is finding thiscontinually more difficult to achieve. There are many reasons why this is true. Maybe the sheer number of your competitors has increased. Perhaps customer’s purchasing decisions are being impacted by growingprice pressures. Possibly market is maturing or technology aging. So unless the product or service is the only one of its kind, it’s looking for an edge; an advantage; something to make stand apartfrom major competition. Selling can be defined as a bid to influence another/others to take an action although you don’t have the capability or authority to actually compel them to do your will. Thiswas true when the first salesperson persuaded her prospect and it has continued to be valid right on down through history. Sales force management may be defined as those things which are done to helpsalespeople gain mastery in the skills, concepts, behaviors, and attitudes that will enhance expertise in influencing prospects to make positive purchasing decisions. Sales force managementconcentrates on how prospective sellers in organizations interact. It provides tools and techniques that help salespeople and organizations learn what they must know in order to persuasively present their goodsor services to buyers in terms that buyers will understand and ultimately respond to. If sales management concentrates on the ways in which prospective buyers interact, product focuses on the...
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