Marketing organization

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PROPOSED ORGANIZATION: The organizacional section of your Business plan is a blueprint or a foundation for th estructure of your proponed business.
• Types of ownership: are three main types: soleproprietorship, partnerships and corporations.
• Step in establishing your business: depend on how you organize your business.
• Staffing: List your personnel needs in your business plan andidentify the people who will perform those jobs.
• Job descriptions: are written statements listing the requirements of a particular job and the skills needed to fulfill those requirements. Each jobdescription includes: purpose of the job, qualifications and skills needed, duties to be performed. Prepare job descriptions for your partners, employees and yourself.
• Organization chart: is a diagram tothe company’s departments and jobs with lines of authority clearly shown.
• Outside experts: trained professionals will help you avoid mistakes that could damage your prospects for success.Professionals who can help includes: accountant, attorneys bankers, and insurance agents.
PROPOSED PRODUCT OR SERVICE: include information on the types of products and services you will offer, as well as yourpotential suppliers, manufacturing plans, and inventory polices.
PROPOSED MARKETING PLAN: prepare to develop marketing polices, that is the way you will price, promote and distribute your product.• Pricing policies: your business plan mut outline your pricing policies.
• Promotional Activities: Identify how to reach the greatest number of potential customers in your target market in the mostefficient and effective way. A firm’s promotional encompasses advertising, public relations, promotions and personal selling.
FINANCIAL SECTION OF THE BUSINESS PLAN: kenders and investors can see whatmonies are needed to start and operate the business. The financial sections contains income and expenses for at least the first year of operation.
SOURCES OF CAPITAL: Capital is the funding...
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