Marketing plan

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Management Summary

The main purpose for this marketing plan is to give an advice that will help increase the numbers of visitors for Hortus Haren. The garden itself is fascinating, but the problem is how to attract more visitors who are interested in visiting Hortus Haren.
The first step is to gather all the essential information required to give a successfully advice to Hortus. This has beendone by making an internal and external analysis. In the external research information of other attractions in the Netherlands were gathered by the websites, similar gardens and other attractions. This helps to get an idea about the possibilities and problems that occurred in similar situations.
It is essential to obtain good research analyzes of the real demand and wishes of the potentialcustomers. For this reason there was done an internal analysis, in which there has been collected all the relevant information about potential visitors, and more specifically photographers, divided in three groups: Individual photographers, photography classes and wedding photographers. Information was gathered by doing questionnaires with the photographers, including questions about ideal places, thebudget and their own customers. Another good tool to obtain results of the situation of the company and how improve it is to decide a method which fits with the circumstances. The two chosen methods are SWOT analysis and business definition model.

After the research the results showed that where there a lot of ideas that could be used. Taking in to account the ideas objectives and strategiesare formulated. The objectives have to be in line with the situation and the future of the garden.
Some advices are:
* Improve the greenhouse, making it more comfortable.
* Make a special classroom for photographers, who are interested in teaching classes there.
* Make special packages for weddings and make special places where can be possible to take nice pictures for couples.
*Improve the website, hiring a professional or an intern who create a new website.
* Comparing with competitors, the garden has to be more commercial, making discounts for photography companies. Be aware of competitors.
Based on the results an action plan must be done. This action plan includes a schedule in which are situated all the strategies in time and a measurement of the situation. Amarketing budget is also essential to measure all the results in a quantitative way.
To conclude, a management control has to be made. A control of the objectives and the strategies are necessary to know how all these ideas are completed.

Marketing plan
Definition and characteristics of a Marketing Plan
The first thing that it should be analyzed before make the marketing plan is to define andexplain what a marketing plan is.
“A marketing plan is a writing document in which, in a systematic and structured way, and previous the corresponding analysis and studies, are defined goals to achieve in a determined period of time, as well as how programs re detailed and action ways that are necessary to achieve the statements objectives in the expected time.”
(Sanz de la Tajada, L.A., 1974)First of all is that the marketing plan is a written document, that is to say, it has a physical presence that picks all the contents in a formal point of view.
Secondly, a marketing plan is a systematic and structured content. It needs the realization of analysis and studies and basing on them deduce opportunities and problems. It indicates the marketing objectives and also develops the strategiesto follow. Then it has to be defined the action ways and traduced that objectives and actions in terms of cost and results.
The third feature is that a marketing plan defines clearly de responsibility value and sets processes of control.
Advantages of a Marketing Plan
* Ensures the making commercials and marketing decisions with a systematic approach.
* Forces to translate an action...
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