Marketing secrets for small businesses

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Marketing secrets for small businesses

With the compliments of Your Profit Coach

Marketing secrets for small businesses

Table of Contents 2. Introduction 3. The 10 Most

Important Marketing Secrets

3. Types of media 3. Planning your
marketing strategy

4. Additional concepts 5. Creative Marketing 5. Ways to save
marketing money

5 Ways to obtain free

6. FurtherInformation


With the compliments of Your Profit Coach

Marketing secrets for small businesses

Successful marketing can only be engaged once you have a marketing plan. When you start developing a marketing plan you should start to use the word positioning. Positioning means determining exactly what niche your offering is intended to fill. You must then ask and answer: Whois my Target Market? Three target markets have emerged in the last decade: Women, Older people and ethnic groups. When you have clearly focused on your market or markets, you can clarify your marketing position. Once you zero in on that position for your product or service, you should measure it against four criteria:
1. 2. 3. 4. Does it offer a benefit my target really wants? Is it a realhonest-to-goodness benefit? Does it truly separate me from my competitors? Is it unique and/or difficult to copy?

Profits are very different from sales. Anyone can obtain sales, but it takes a guerrilla to constantly turn honest profits. These profits will be achieved if you clearly state your goals, all of them, including timing, budgets for everything, and projections. Without projections youwon't have a measuring stick. You might want to consider what market share you want, what key personnel may be necessary, what inside services you'll need and what outside services you'll need to negotiate for the personnel for the inside services. You should re-examine the marketing plan yearly, whether brief or expanded. Your goal should be to maintain it. Marketing is a way of life - it's theoxygen that allows your business to breathe and stay alive. That's why you should never stop marketing. To emphasise this, here's a list of good reasons why you should continue with your marketing initiatives:
1. The market is constantly changing. When you stop advertising, you miss evolving opportunities. People forget fast. Remember people are bombarded with thousands of messages every day. Yourcompetition isn't quitting! Marketing strengthens your identity. When you stop marketing, you shortchange your reputation, reliability and the confidence people have in you. Marketing is essential to survival and growth. When you cease marketing you are on the path to non-existence. Marketing enables you to hold onto your old customers. Many enterprises survive on repeat and referral business. If theold customers forget about you, you're doomed. Marketing maintains morale. Marketing gives you the edge over competitors who have ceased marketing. Marketing allows your business to continue to operate. Marketing creates the air that overheads breathe. You have invested money that you stand to lose. If you stop marketing all the money you've spent is lost, and if you want to start again, you haveto start from scratch.

Until you are completely satisfied with your answers, then you should continue searching for another position. Your finished plan could be 10 pages long, but to start with make it one paragraph long. It should be seven sentences long:
1. 2. The first sentence tells you the purpose of the strategy. The second tells you how you'll achieve this purpose, focusing upon yourbenefits. The third tells you the target markets or market. The fourth (the longest sentence) tells you the weapons you will employ. The fifth tells you the niche. The sixth tells you your identity. The seventh tells you your budget, expressed as a % of your projected gross revenues.


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Remember - your marketing plan must be simple to...
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