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Session 1: Marketing (4P’s, 5C’s) & Positioning (Company skills)
Topics 1. Structure for Marketing Analysis 2. Plan of the 15.810 2. Positioning G/$

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E/$Note on Marketing Strategy Perceptual Mapping: A Managers’ Guide
15.810 Marketing Management

Traditional structure – 4 P’s
The Marketing Mix
Product (features, quality, service, support,product line etc.) Place (channel of distribution, exclusive vs. intensive, etc.) Promotion (advertising, sales force, brochures, coupons, etc.) Price (list price, discount, deals, both end-user andchannel)

15.810 Marketing Management





Modern structure – 4P’s & 5 C’s
Marketing Strategy and Marketing Tactics
Customer (customer needs, segments, consumerbehavior) Company Skills (brand name, image, production capability, financial strengths, organization, etc.) Competition (actions are interrelated, market environment) Collaborators (downstreamwholesalers or retailers, upstream suppliers) Context (culture, politics, regulations, social norms)
15.810 Marketing Management



Company Skills


Context 7 topic discussions
Marketing & Positioning, Product, Customers, Advertising, Pricing, Distribution, Wrap-up & Review
Provide a structure for marketing analysis
PowerPoint slides SloanSpaceTheory that will be explored in cases Readings provide a starting point Your experiences are valuable

15.810 Marketing Management

10 case discussions plus examples
Projection Systems, Flowersby Fedex, Medical Instruments, Airlines, Water Purification, Financial Software, Entertainment Robots, Juice Drinks, Magazines, Watches, Automobiles, Films, Hospital Services, Supermarkets, ElectronicsStores

Prepare in groups of 3 (or 4) TAs are a resource, initial meetings Be prepared to open Discussion Questions are key Your brand identity (seating chart, name cards) Close with a discussion...
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