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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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Cross Cultural management

Spain- France

In the first place I have to say that the two country to are going to compared is Spain and France.
Shows the differencesbetween the educational system of education in France and Spain. To analyze the French education we find the meaning of the concepts of "citizenship and integration”, key elements in a society whereeducation is essentially intended to prepare the individual to live according to the values and ideals of the Republic. According to the "republican model" of citizenship means belonging to a sovereignnational community can not be reduced to simple legal equality of all persons under the same law.
Citizenship and integration have one thing in common: both require the participation in sociallife. A citizen is, above all, a fully integrated person.

As above, a citizen is above all a desire to live together is to accept that differences between people are below the desire tolive in harmony and social cohesion in an equal footing.

France is a centralized structures, and for its part, Spain is undergoing a phase of deep decentralization. But we must alsoremember that when two Member States of the European Union, their general policies, and therefore, their education policies to a greater or lesser extent, are mediated by the directives emanating fromthe supranational structure.

In France, the school traditionally had the role of instrument for integration, making men free, rational beings with a distinctly elitist to ensurethe promotion of the best. This marks the difference with respect to Spain, which gives no competitive value, seeing this as negative.

In business terms it can be inferred that giventhe values instilled in each country, there may be problems if the team shows a competitive spirit too marked. Therefore, infuse new workers in an environment of teamwork, where decisions are made...
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