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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2011
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In my opinion, euro Disney is the best example on how a successful product can turn into a fail because of not knowing your customer well enough. I think they made 4 major mistakes:
1 location 2price 3 product 4 promotion
When Disney opened euro Disney they planned it to be the greatest theme park in Europe and the biggest Disney theme park in the world. They chose Paris attendingto demographic reasons. Due to Paris location their total market was estimated in 330 million Europeans. But they didn’t take into account the weather in the north of France. It’s said that theyattended to average temperature of the year without taking into account the change among seasons. This makes the product less attractive for European consumers in general who aren’t willing to go to atheme park on a rainy day. I think this a huge mistake made because of assuming European consumers will act the same way as Japanese consumers that didn’t care going to Disney land with bad weatherconditions. It would have been better to open the theme park somewhere with less variation of weather conditions during the year
Another reason to choose Paris was the number of tourists per year. Paris isthe city with more tourists per year, but in my opinion Euro Disney isn’t attractive for this kind of tourist. Typical Paris tourist will go and enjoy the city, enjoy their gastronomy and practicecultural activities such as museums. I don’t think 1 week tourists are willing to spend one or two days in Disneyland. The tourists that might visit the theme park are those who spend 1 month forexample and have time to do so. This isn’t the common tourist in Paris, as this tourism is usually practiced in places near the coast.
Their price strategy was totally wrong in my opinion. Disneywas introducing a complete new product into europe’s market. A theme park with disney’s fantasy characters. As they had very optimistic expectative about how their product was going to be accepted...
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