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Mba I

The economy philosophy mercantilism was followed by the European
powers. The word mercantilism was giving into the economic set of guides and
routines through the 1600s centuries. Thedependent empires such as France,
England, Holland and Spain were respecting to the mercantilism system. All the
colonial countries were regulated of the economic activity in a different way ofordering to national wealth. All the capital of the nation was based on stocks of
Silver and Gold; because was what matter to them at the time. People did not care
about where they leave or theirleaving conditions, the nations was just worrying
about how much export are being sold than import to the country. For the Colonial
Countries gold were acquired through trades surplus of goldbearing territory; the
Mercantilism was base of using the power to the state throughout the Economy to
make the country richer. In order to ship any mechanist all the ships have to stop in
England toensure all the colonial trade for the taxes to be levied as goods flowed
through the Country. That also was a safety Country to do trades.
All the foreign goods and services set for the colonieswere required to stop in
England no matter what, there were no Country that had passed through other
country without stop in England because almost all of the European Countries
were dependent onEngland. This ensure England would be the center for colonial
trade and allowed for taxes to be levied as goods through the country. All the
materials like iron were needed within the empire,those materials were
Mba II

supported by the British market Government. There were other products like
tobacco and other things, were given monopoly of the big marketin England with
the government. The states directs all economic stability with in the state,
increasing wealth by discoursing imports and encoring exports.
For years the French and Indian war...