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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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Whirlpool launches affordable washer in Brazil and China

1.- According to the article, how does Whirlpool segment the market in Brazil? Analyze the other segmentation variables that would be usedto fully describe the segment that Whirlpool is targeting.

To segment the type of consumers they would like to focus on, they considered a low income at households, which is the majority of casesat Brazil’s population. This will allow them to get higher sales as they cover most people’s need even they may get a lower margin, which is not specify in the article.
They also realized about theattributes that consumers value most at this items as for example the capacity or possibility of contemplating what is being made inside the machine.

2.- Why do you think that this segment is soattractive in countries like Brazil, China or India?

The main fact of this potential success in these kind of countries is the high percentage of their population that have a very low income, so anygood launch at a low price and useful to facilitate any task that is considered to be harder in their common life will succed as said.
Also, this new item related to technology will unconsciously bean object of desired due to the innovation or revolution that can cause in theirs inhabitant’s life. It is commonly known that technology continuous innovation creates a false need, so this would be adesire for
people´s life, to get an improve on its welfare.

3.- What valuable data and information sources have been used for the development of the new product for the Brazilian Market?

Theystart its research making surveys to Brazilians focusing on they needs referring to this kind of items. To add up, they carry up a deeper task at Brazilian’s household inquiring its inhabitantssamples about they possible need of buying this new technology developed and its potential use.

4.- The article describes two relevant qualitative research techniques, commonly conducted in the first...
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