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Case 5 Page 472-473:

1) Describe Polaroid's IMC approach to marketing the I-Zone. Polaroid couldn’t have come up with either the product or the promotion that followed without integratedcommunications among the marketing, public relations, advertising, and promotion staff. Not only does this increase the efficiency with which the product is launched, it keeps the message to theconsumer consistent. The consumer sees the same message through television commercials, magazine or Internet ads, and various promotions.

2) What steps might Polaroid's IMC group take to marketI-Zone overseas? Would it be successful? Why or why not? The steps Polaroid would take to market I-Zone would be the following: get the product to the right consumers and promote it via research anddiscovering elements that benefit the product from a specific characteristic of the market. Then, Polaroid would look for a segment and then divide it, to be more specific; giving this segment what itwants and needs. And last but not least, Polaroid would find and sell a creative thing of the product, for it to have more uses and increasing popularity. Basically, the advertising and promotions shouldoffer instant photos overseas, like the perfect camera to capture the best moments while you are in the sea. I consider it would be successful, because many tourists would like to keep memories ofwhat they have seen and lived (personal experiences), so then I think it is a good idea, it would definitely sell.

3) Did Polaroid's sponsorship of the Backstreet Boys succeeded according tostandard sponsorship objectives? Why or why not? The sponsorship of the Backstreet Boys succeeded according to standard objectives because it aimed to the market the product was aiming at since thebeginning of the launching. It was meant for teen girls to buy, plus it had an extra use on concerts, and when fans watch a celebrity use a product, they would go running to the first store they see and...
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