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Marketing strategies and components.

-States of demand..
negative – butter
no demand- videophone
latent- satellite phone
*faltering- baking soda, Barbie doll
*irregular-synchronize- keep synchronize production to satisfy clients.*
Full demand- pickup truck
Overfull- laptop- pc
Unwholesome – cigarettes

Societal value systems foundations-
-Model social order- Theprocess by which order or control is maintained within a society
-definition: process of planning an executing the marketing strategy to satisfy individual and organizational goals.
-activities: allthose functions and tasks that facilitate and achieve “exchange” between a buyer and a seller or goods or services.(purchasing, inventory, advertising, sales, performance)
-responsibility: marketersare obligated to society to perform the discipline’s activities in an efficient manner.
A sales person may use “puffery”, but cannot misrepresent the product or service.
A manager may be responsibleto achieve a 35 percent gross margin performance.
A president may have to achieve a 40 percent return on equity.
-accountability: marketers must “answer” to themselves, supervisors, the company,industry and society for their performance.
The sales person that fails to make quota.
The manager that misses performance targets.
The firm whose profitability is unsustainable

Model of humanbehavior
* culture:
* values:
* norms:
* attitudes:
* overt/nonovert behavior: observation- the plates of the car, and that gives an idea of the customers, where are they coming,bla bla.

Societal value systems
Western values- capitalism
1. Environment (man)
2. Resources – unlimited – technology
3. Nonzero sum – attract investment
4. Mobility – high :education, military, retailing,
5. Ability – significant :
6. Justice – equality of opportunity : financial aid (paid by taxes) if somebody wants an education our society helps to do it....
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