Marriage between people of same sex.

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2011
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In one study of opinions about gay marriage, more than half the citizens are advocates of this reform. It represents 45 percent of Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Andorra, Germany and the CzechRepublic. In Austria, France, UK and Finland, the majority prefers legalization. Also, it is a public debate in North America. The progressive sectors of society and progressive political parties among whichare usually the Social Democrats, environmentalists, centrists and liberals are in favor of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. Contrary to the implementation of legislative changeare the standard sectors of society (both Catholic and Protestant church, orthodox, mainly) and political parties that justify their ideals and / or traditional lifestyles.
I argue in favor ofmarriage between the same- sex. The first reason is that the legalization of homosexual marriage admission is social, cultural and legal framework of the coexistence of two same-sexes. It has similarrequirements as in a marriage between people of different sexes. This is the most advanced stage in achieving equal rights between homosexual and heterosexual citizens. The rejection of marriage betweensame sexes is a reaction to homophobia and is comparable with the old prohibitions on interracial marriage, being that I have many gay friends who share their lives and plans through many years, withequal or greater esteem and love than many heterosexual couples that I know.
The second reason is that legalizing gay marriage will accept new rights to a group of citizens (gays and bisexuals).Casey Judgment Citing U.S. Supreme Court: "The worth of a person's character is not lost because they are gay or transsexual. In general terms, because you have chosen a sense of being non-acceptance ofthe majority” (File 2868-2004). So people should be allowed to choose their lifestyle, provided they do not harm others. The implementation of this law will establish respect for human rights a...
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