Martin king

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Born on January 15th of 1929 in the city of Atlanta (the delivery took place at home as was the custom of the era, Auburn Avenue 501) belonging to the stateof Georgia. His father, also named Martin Luther King was a reverend in the city recognized his ecclesiastical functions play in the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

He received the same name as his father forbeing the first son, but was called with the initials "ML" instead of Martin Luther (King) by his relatives.

His childhood was spent in a Victorian-style house he shared with grandparents, uncles andbrothers.

At the age of 15 years, Martin Luther King entered Morehouse College where he began with Bible studies and was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1946 at the age of 17. Hecontinued his studies and in 1951 graduated from Crozer Theological Seminary in and did a post-graduate work at Boston University. During his academic training he sympathized with the ideasof Hindu leader M. Gandhi, who became his own philosophy regarding the protest without the use of violence.

1954 was the year Martin Luther King and was ordained in the Dexter Avenue Church inMontgomery City. During the year 1954 was banned segregated public education and in 1955 following an incident with a black woman on a bus (he was caught by police for refusing to give the seat to a whiteperson), was asked to lead a boycott of public transportation company. The words used to call the boycott referred to the patience of the black race, freedom and justice. The protest lasted about 381days in which Martin Luther King was arrested, he burned the house and received hundreds of threats. The protest and the boycott came to an end when theSupreme Court change the existing anti-racist laws.
Objectives achieved by the Martin Luther King became a landmark in the struggle for right sand founded the "Conference of the Southern Christian Leadership" uniting all the black clergy in...
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