Martin luther king jr. biography

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Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr. was born Atlanta, in the United States, on 1929. He was a religious, activist, and prominent Afro-American leader in the African American civil rightsmovement. He has became an iconic figure in the history of American liberalism, best known for his dedication to civil rights.

His mom taught him to read before he went to school. He read booksabout black people who were heroes. He was raised in a religious family, his real name was Michael Martin, but him and his father changed their names to Martin Luther King in honor to the religiousfigure who founded the Lutheran denomination. He married Coretta Scott in 1953, and they had four children.

There were laws that separated blacks from whites. Martin did not like segregation, whichmeans keeping blacks and whites apart. He thought that was not fair that black people had to sit in the uncomfortable chairs and the white people had all the comfortable ones. And that there werelots of restaurants open for whites and hardly any open for blacks. They did not like that blacks had to use different drinking fountains from whites. They did not like that black and whites could praytogether in the same church.
A white mom wouldn't let her son play with black kids because he had different color of skin. When blacks came into the stores, white people wouldn't answer theirquestions. Blacks were cursed, chased, lynched and killed, just because of the color of their skin.
On Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a black woman, was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus toa white person. It started a boycott of the buses by the black people, they did not ride on buses for over a year, They didn't know if it would work, because no one else had tried it before. But, infact it worked. It took one year to change the rules. The ultimate success of the Montgomery bus boycott made Martin Luther King a national hero.
He was the president of the Montgomery Improvement...
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