Martin luther king

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(Atlanta, 1929 - Memphis, USA, 1968) American Baptist pastor, civil rights advocate. The son of a Baptist minister, Martin Luther King studied theology at Boston University. From a young age hebecame aware of the situation of social and racial segregation of blacks living in their country, and especially the southern states. Become Baptist minister in 1954 took over a church in Montgomery,Alabama. Soon he showed his charisma and his determination to fight for civil rights by peaceful methods, inspired by the figure of Mahatma Gandhi and the theory of civil disobedience of Henry DavidThoreau. Shortly after arriving in Montgomery organized and led a massive boycott of almost a year against segregation on municipal buses. The fame of Martin Luther King quickly spread throughout thecountry and soon became director of the U.S. peace movement, first through the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and later the Congress of Racial Equality.Also, as a member of the Association for theAdvancement of Colored People, opened another front for improvements in their living conditions. In 1960 he took a spontaneous sense of black students in Birmingham, Alabama, to start a nationwidecampaign. This time, Martin Luther King was jailed and later released through the intercession of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, then candidate for President of the United States, but managed to blacks equalaccess to libraries, dining halls and parking lots. In the summer of 1963, the struggle reached one of its highlights when he led a massive march on Washington, attended by two hundred and fiftythousand people, to whom delivered one of his finest speeches for peace and equality people. He and other representatives of anti-racist organizations were welcomed by President Kennedy, who promised toexpedite its policy against segregation in schools and the issue of unemployment, which particularly affect the black community. However, neither the good intentions of the president, who was to die...
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