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Automation and Real-time Computing Terms
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Microsoft's toolkit for Web developers, using OLE and incorporating Sun's Java language. ActiveX helps in building software to integrate with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or any ActiveX container such as programs written withMicrosoft's Visual Studio.
In a closed-loop control system, that part of the final control element that translates the control signal into action by the control device.
AS-I (Actuator-Sensor Interface)
A low-cost electromechanical connection system designed to operate over a two-2ire cable carrying data and power over a distance of up to 100m, or more if repeaters are used.Visit for more information.
Analog Input Module
An I/O module that contains circuits that convert analog dc input signals to digital values that can be manipulated by the processor. By implication, these analog inputs are usually direct (i.e., a data table value directly reflects the analog signal value).
Analog Output Module
An I/O module that containscircuits that output an analog dc signal proportional to a digital value transferred to the module from the processor. By implication, these analog outputs are usually direct (i.e., a data table value directly controls the analog signal value).
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Bar Code
A series of horizontal stripes or bars of varying width which represent a string of characters that can be read by abar code reader (scanner).
Bill of Materials (BOM)
A list of components, ingredients, or materials needed to manufacture a product; the hierarchy of materials or components making up a product or subassembly including the proper ratios of quantities of each item.
Brushless Servomotor
A class of servomotors which operates using electronic commutation of phase currents rather thanelectromechanical (brushes) commutation. Commutation is a function of rotor position. These motors typically have a permanent magnet rotor and wound stator.
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CAD (Computer Aided Design)
Programs used to design architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering drawings.
CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
Programs used to control manufacturing equipment.
ComputerIntegrated Manufacturing (CIM)
A term used for describing a high level of automation in a manufacturing enterprise.
CMOS (Complimentary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor)
Family of logic devices that uses p-type and n-type channel devices on the same IC. It has the advantage of offering medium speed and very low power requirements.
CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
Allows the controlof motion in an accurate and programmable manner through use of a dedicated computer within a numerical control unit, with a capability of local data input such that machine tools are freed from the need for "hard-wired" controllers.
A real-time, control-layer network providing high-speed transport of both time-critical IO data and messaging data, including upload/download ofprogramming and configuration data and peer-to-peer messaging, on a single physical media link.
A horizontal, inclined or vertical device for moving or transporting bulk materials, packages, or objects in a path predetermined by the design of the device and having points of loading and discharge fixed, or selective.
In warehouse management, sending parts fromreceiving directly to shipping to be placed in outgoing orders. Crossdocking allows orders to be filled quickly and precludes parts from staying in a warehouse long enough to be counted as inventory.
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DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter)
An electronic device, often an integrated circuit, that converts a digital number into a corresponding analog voltage or current.
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