Masacre en columbine high school

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Why did the Columbine Massacre happen according to you?
According to my own point of view and to the opinion I have created myself reading information and watching Michael Moore’s documental, Ibelieve that the Columbine Massacre happened because of a problem coming from society. Not only because of the influence on people that society and media had in those times, but also because of thepeople who surrounded Eric and Dylan, the two guys who destroyed those thirteen lives that Tuesday at the Columbine High School.
Many children are motivated and influenced by society, by media and bytheir environments to do things, just as we saw on the documental. The big weapon culture we could find at those times in the U.S. was extremely big, the easy access people had to a gun and bullets andthe continuous fear the citizens had from each other made many people think this were the main reasons why these guys do what they did; they involved themselves in a cruel massacre and ended upkilling themselves.
What I definitely think is that these guys had deeper social and emotional problems. Bad experiences during their childhood or bullying in the school are problems that I think are wayheavier than those before mentioned. Not being accepted, being teased and being rejected by your own classmates during childhood or teenage are not funny issues, not at all. Children need to feelaccepted by society and they also expect to be treated as they deserve, respectfully, in their outside worlds.
Eric Harris left a note before committing suicide, were he exposed clearly the anger andthe hate he had towards the Columbine students: “Your children, who have ridiculed me, who have chosen not to accept me, who have treated me like I am not worth their time, are dead”. Reading thisnote, I can obviously understand how he felt at that moment and I know how difficult could that have been for him. People, who suffer situations like these ones, often get more aggressive and extremely...
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