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Remote Controlled Hydraulic Pet (racer) Hydraulic Pet (Racer) Activity Activity Guide

Hydraulic Pet Guide (hydro-racer)

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Name: ___________________________ Set: ____________ Date: ___________

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 yrs.
Copyright © TeacherGeek 2007

Hydraulic Pet Guide (hydro-racer) ComponentsThese are the minimal parts needed to create one hydraulic pet: Part: 70mm Pulley Long Link Strip 50 Tooth Gear 20 Tooth Gear Perpendicular Adaptor 70mm Tire Dowel Slide Stop Material Galvanized Wire Vinyl Tubing
1/8 I.D.

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Quantity: 4 8 1 3 2 4 3 2in 2ft 5ft 5


Part: Square Nuts

Quantity: 10 2 1 1


10cc Syringe 10cc Syringe Mounts 10cc SyringeClips

Additional Items Needed
Part: Rubber Bands Reamer Set Quantity: 4 1 1 1/Student ??? Picture:

(available at

(available at

Easy Cutter

Safety Glasses Other Found Items

1” Machine Screw #10

Additional inexpensive parts can be ordered from TeacherGeek to allow more innovation and alternative designs.
Copyright © TeacherGeek

Hydraulic Pet Guide (hydro-racer) The Challenge
Scenario: You have been hired to design and prototype a hydraulic powered toy for a major manufacturer. The toy will replace the once popular Pull-a-Dog. Use your design and engineering expertise to develop and prototype a hydraulic pet.

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The Criteria
Your toy should meet the following design constraints.It should: • resemble an animal (insect, bird, fish, dog, etc.) or make-believe creature. • have parts that move in interesting ways when the toy moves (wings that flap, a head that bobs, a mouth that opens and closes, a tail that wags, etc.). • be hydraulically powered. • move forwards and move its parts using hydraulic power (it can’t be pulled or pushed). • be as unique and different aspossible. • have a “catchy” name. • be attractive and well constructed.

An Example Pet
It is now time to build an example hydraulic pet. Building the example pet will provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to design and construct your own unique hydraulic pet. Question: What will happen to the example pet when I am done? Answer: The example pet will be used to create your uniquehydraulic pet. You may choose to disassemble the example pet, or modify and add to it.


Warning: The small parts in this kit are a CHOKING HAZARD for small children. The parts for this activity and final hydraulic pet are not for children under 3 yrs.
Copyright © TeacherGeek 2007

Hydraulic Pet Guide (hydro-racer)
Build The Frame
1. Build The SectionsAssemble the front and rear frame sections:
Front Frame Section A C B C A A 55mm (~2 3/16”) Dowels B 65mm (~3 1/8”) Dowels C C 300mm (Full Length) Connector Strips

Page 4

C B Rear Frame Section

Thoroughly ream the darkened holes with the “L” reamer.

Pin the frame sections together.


2. Pin The Sections
D 80mm (~2 3/16”) Dowel D

3. Slide Stop
Secure dowel D with slide-stopsections.


Your example frame is complete. It’s time to build the hydraulic system.

Copyright © TeacherGeek 2007

Hydraulic Pet Guide (hydro-racer)
Create The Hydraulics
What Will You Need?
Two 10ml Cylinders 1.22m (4ft) of Tubing Water

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1. Attach Tubing
Attach the 1.22m section of tubing to one cylinder.

2. PullWater In
Place the loose end of the tubing in water. Push the piston in and pull it back to fill the cylinder with water.

3. Push Air Out
Hold the piston end of the cylinder down (as shown). Push the air out of the cylinder and tubing, along with some of the water.

m 2m 1.2 bing Tu


4. Pull Water In (Again)
Place the loose end of the tubing back into water. Pull the piston back to...
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