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Illustrated Parts & Service Map
HP 500B MT Business PC
© 2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Document Number 635950-001. 1st Edition September 2010.

Cables 1 2 3 * * Front I/O assembly without card reader Power switch/LEDcable assembly SATA HDD cable, 6.5 inch, with latch PATA to SATA adapter DMS-59 to dual DVI cable 586729-001 586724-001 448670-001 449283-001 463024-001

*Not shown

Key Specifications
Processor Type RAM Type Maximum RAM Supported Expansion Slots Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium dual-core DDR3-SDRAM DIMMs, PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) • • • 1 full-height PCI 2.3 slot 2 full-height PCIe x1slots 1 full-height PCIe x16

Keyboards (not illustrated) USB, blue French Canadian International English -121 -L31 537924-xxx Latin American Spanish United States -161 -001

Graphics Adapter Chipset Drive Support I/O Interfaces

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 Intel G41 Express • • (1) 5.25-inch external optical drive bay (1) 3.5-inch internal hard disk drive bay

Mass StorageDevices (not illustrated) 16X DVD±RW SuperMulti drive with LightScribe 16X DVD-ROM drive 750 GB hard drive 640 GB hard drive 500 GB hard drive 320 GB hard drive 250 GB hard drive 160 GB hard drive 581059-001 581599-001 613205-001 613204-001 586720-001 586969-001 586719-001 586718-001

(8) USB 2.0 ports: (2) front ports, (4) rear ports, (2) internal ports on motherboard; (1) RJ-45, (1) VGA, (1) frontaudio in, (1) front audio out, (1) rear audio in, (1) rear audio out, (1) rear microphone • • • • • Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP FreeDOS Novell SUSE Linux

Operating Systems

Spare Parts

Miscellaneous Parts 1 2 * Heat sink, Intel class F (includes thermal material) Chassis fan Mouse, optical, carbon 616411-001 449207-001 444740-001

*Not shown

System Unit 1 2 3 * 4 * Chassis Frontbezel without card reader Access panel Thumbscrew for use on access panel Power supply, 300W, non-PFC 5.25-inch bezel blank Not spared 616792-001 616791-001 448665-001 463318-001 586749-001

* Not shown

HP 500B, MT


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System Board

Standard and Optional Boards System boards with thermal grease, alcohol pad, and CPU socket cover 1 System board 616409-001

SystemBoard Connectors and Jumpers (position of some untitled components may vary in location) PROCESSOR CPU FAN 629026-001 576110-001 629025-001 576109-001 DIMM1-2 ATX_POWER BATTERY SATA0-3 F_PANEL P154 P152 F_AUDIO Processor socket Fan connector Memory slots 24-pin main power connector RTC battery socket Drive connectors Front I/O connector Front I/O connector Front I/O connector Front audio connectorPCI2 PCIE1X1 PCIE1X PCIE16X AUDIO NIC_USB USB ATX_12V VGA PCI slot PCIe x1 slot PCIe x1 slot PCIe x16 slot External in/out connectors Stacked network/USB connectors Stacked USB connectors 4-pin CPU power connector Monitor connector

Memory modules 2 2 2 GB, PC3-10600 1 GB, PC3-10600

Other boards LSI 56K modem, PCIe HP Wireless 802.11b/g/n WLAN card 802.11b/g/n WLAN card, for use in ROW ATIRadeon HD4350 (RV710) PCIe x16 graphics card, 512 MB ATI Radeon HD5450 PCIe graphics card, 1 GB ATI Radeon HD5450 PCIe graphics card, 512 MB GeForce G315, PCIe graphics card, 1 GB GeForce G320, PCIe graphics card, 1 GB GeForce G210, PCIe graphics card, 512 MB Intel Gigabit NIC, includes bracket HP FireWire IEEE 1394 PCI card, FH 1394 PCI card, 3 port, FH Antenna, dual band, 802.11 Intel CeleronProcessors with alcohol pad and thermal grease: E3400, 1-MB cache, 2.60 GHz Intel Core2 Duo Processors with alcohol pad and thermal grease: E7600, 3-MB cache, 3.06 GHz E7500, 3-MB cache, 2.93 GHz E6800, 2-MB cache, 3.33 GHz E6700, 2-MB cache, 3.20 GHz E6600, 2-MB cache, 3.06 GHz E6500, 2-MB cache, 2.93 GHz E5700, 2-MB cache, 3.00 GHz E5500, 2-MB cache, 2.80 GHz E5400, 2-MB cache, 2.70 GHz 573954-001...
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