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Mass Media sensationalist or a yellow press

Mass Media are the main method of communication on the planet. On They, people find the news or events occurring around the world. Newspaper and radioare the older; television and internet are the new way of the communication. Maybe television is the main method of all, but on twenty-first century the internet is very important or the most used.However, the use of each has become in sensationalist.

There is a television in every home, from the smallest to the largest in the family watching TV, and each channel has several commercialproducts, which make money. The main objective of television is the rating, so that the channel needs to capture the attention of the viewer, but the problem comes when the channel decided to change culturalprograms to programs without a positive message. In the news the problem is bigger, because people watch the news and believes in everything, of course that is the form of heard, but if the news isnot striking, people do not see it or get bored and change the channel, so the news have to be very interesting and the channel has to make it more amusing.

Not only on television, also in thenewspaper, radio and the Internet, is the news changed. In the magazines the main factor is gossip, and celebrities are the "main course." People like to hear about the lives of others, and this has becomea bad deal. People can find advertisements for everything from gossip to news of deaths with pictures, exaggerated news, and more. The only intent here is money, because the truth is not important, itis important how they can sell. People buy and buy millions of newspapers and magazines, are hours and hours of television, spend hours online just to see the "amazing news"

Maybe if you see,gossip is more important than a death or a tragic death than a new health care law. For example, the health goes to the background if the news headline is a war, and most interesting is the number of...
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