Mass public transportation

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November 8, 2010

Mass Public Transportation System

The traffic every day is become worse. Even when the gasoline's prices have been increasing every year and thegovernment has worked hard to created new routes, still I don't see fewer cars on my commute. Let me explain something to you, I am talking about Houston, where everything is far away for anythingelse. Take at least an hour goes from one place to another (without traffic). For that reason one of the things that I think should be done is to improve the public transportation because it will helpto decongest the high ways and the best way is creating a mass public transportation system.

Some friends think that it is too late to try to create a Mass Public Transportation System in Houston.I don't think so. If the government wants to do it, it will find out the way to implement it. Of course, the project will take a lot of time, organization, hard work, and years but still it is betterlate than never. One of the changes I think the government should make is to build a system of lanes for the actual public transportation to be used in hours when the traffic is pretty bad, todecongest it. Also, the local government should ask the people not to use their cars at least once a week; instead of, they can use the public transportation.

The system of lanes should be located inI-10, 59, 610, and 45. Of course, in that case the buses have to have a passenger's limit because the service has to provide certain comfort to make it attractive to the general public. It wouldn't bejust about going faster to everywhere, also have to be about make the passengers feel as comfortable as in their own car too.


The idea behind all of thesechanges is that until we are using the actual public transportation with some improvements, the government should design the new and final Mass Public Transportation System "The Houston above ground...
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