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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2010
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Marco Antonio Sanchez Ramos.
English is important in my career because some software development platforms are completely in English, whether as the programming language is in English is essential that you
and that they are used.
for example in a development company always ask
you know good English and foreign companies here is that it is essential to hire you
you take a test before hiringyou or in the
interview done in English.
there are here in college classes that are completely in English and need to know exactly what the teacher says or even the books that we assigned to study and read.
career in information technology are concerned about the English level of students as it is important and necessary to help them achieve academic success in other subjects and to get a goodjob in the field of labor to be competitive.

Just as important, is the English language. The talk can be the difference between closing or not a business, getting a job or not working and finally, to win better pay than the rest, within the same company. Besides, most of the studies and scientific texts are important in this language. And to speak of the computer with all its terms anddocumentation of all electronic devices we use at home.

On the other hand, no less significantly, the English is extremely important for computation. It is true that today most user applications are available in Spanish, but many sub-applications and lesser-known programs are available on the market only in English. In the world of the Internet, the amount of information in English than many times tothe information available for Spanish speakers. For those who fall deeper into the field of computer science and programming, this language is indispensable to fully understand all the commands and jargon in general, the English language is essential.

It's that powerful, the process of globalization we are experiencing.Therefore, no longer discussing whether or not it is important to speakEnglish. As it simply takes as a premise. And, organizations and countries that have designed and carried out the process of globalization, have as their native language or working language, English.

As Programmer Why should I study English?  The syntax of programming language includes English words.( Computer Science COMPUTER VOCABULARY OF ORIGIN IS ANGLO (  ERROR MESSAGES ARE IN ENGLISHCOMPILERS.(  MORE THAN HALF OF INTERNET RESOURCES ARE IN ENGLISH(
VOCABULARY COMPUTER IS Anglo English-speaking countries have been the pioneers in the development of technologies, mainly in Computer Science. As technological powers have contributed to numerous discoveries and inventions, which are the basis of these sciences as we know them. For this reason, almost all of the technical vocabulary that weuse has its foundation in the English language. Words such as hardware, software and chip such as is frequently heard among those who study, work or simply use computers for entertainment, even when these and many other terms have their corresponding translation or equivalence in our native language. The influence of English on the computer and the computer has major implications for us non-Englishspeaking, software interfaces, their documentation, textbooks, the syntax of programming languages, much of the resources Internet and terminology of each new technology comes on the market is, at least in its first version, in English, being the de facto language of these sciences. Translation into other languages of the aforementioned elements (if possible do it) is often unsatisfactory for thewealth of technical vocabulary that has English and the lack of equivalent terms in other languages. English is then the "language" that the software we use to publish, communicate, talk about technology, looking for information, schedule, etc. It is evident that if we have a basic command of English, much of our effort devoted to learning, teaching, working or using computer technology will be...