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NAME Lionel Andrés Messi
NICKNAMES Leo, Lio, Pulga, Messi.
DATE OF BIRTH June 24, 1987
PLACE OF BIRTH Rosario, Santa Fe
NATIONALITY Argentina - Spanish
CLUB FC Barcelona
POSITION ForwardHEIGHT 1.69 meters
My name is Lionel Andrés Messi was born 24 June 1987 south of Rosario in Santa Fe province in Argentina. Currently playing as a strikerright Futbol Club Barcelona (FC Barcelona) and also in the selection of my country, Argentina. Currently I have dual nationality, ie, the Hispano-Argentina and that by 2005 met the requirements of twoyears of residence in Spain. I nicknamed Leo, Lio, or The Flea, but I'm more accustomed to which is a Leo.
I consider my family very young, when I was learning to take my first steps, and had apassion for the ball, obviously I do not remember that but I can not imagine after a ball.
As many of you already know, in my childhood, when I was about eight years, I had to undergo specialtreatment to have a normal growth development. Always remember that at night, sitting on my bed, I had to inject into both legs. It was not fun, I assure you, but there were so many I want to be a soccerplayer that cost me make the sacrifice. The problem was that the treatment was very expensive and my family was not able to cope. Mom and Dad tried everything and I will be eternally grateful for that.In the end, it seemed that the solution was in Spain, Lérida. Dad was offered there a good chance of working and at the same time, it was my chance to prove myself at the club.
The tests went verywell and fortunately, I knew almost no account, and had in my hands the possibility of playing in Barcelona. I remember that at the time, personally, my family had to face a very difficult decision,the issue was to return to our land or try his luck in Barcelona, that it seems very easy but I remember with some anxiety.
One day Dad said, "Leo, are you that we want to do." I want to stay, he...
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